A Mommy Monster’s Heartache

monster momToday over at WINE (Women in the New Evangelization), I share a bit about what it is like to raise children adopted very young through the teenage years.  In particular, what it is like to come face to face with a version of yourself you never knew existed. I call her “Mommy Monster.”

RUMThey were still little when I wrote a little study for the Women of Grace Ministry (Johnnette Benkovic). Originally I had titled the book Taming the Mommy Monster, but the publisher decided to go with something a bit more, ahem, uplifting: Raising Up Mommy: Virtues for Difficult Mothering Moments.

This book looks at the seven deadly sins through the lens of motherhood. Of course, I wrote it while I was in the early throes of motherhood — there is so much more I could say about it now, a decade later. But if you or your study group is looking for a quick little pick-me-up that will lead to some good old-fashioned motherly camaraderie, you might consider this!

Don’t worry about letting your “mommy monster” show. We all have them! That’s the beautiful thing about raising children, whether from the womb or from the heart. In the process, we find they are raising us up, too!


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