The EMN Blogroll: Other Helpful Sites

schoolchildren circleDo you feel overwhelmed, or stuck in a situation that you just don’t know how to handle? That doesn’t make you a bad parent – it makes you a human one. Sometimes admitting you need help is the most important first step!

Whatever your situation, we all need a hand up sometime! Here are some sites that I’ve found helpful, or that have been recommended to me. I’ve broken them down in general categories … If you know of others, please either leave a note in the comments or drop me a note at Heidi(dot)hess(dot)saxton(at)gmail(dot)com!

Foster/Adoptive Parent Resources

me tooREFRESH Conference for Foster & Adoptive Parents. Held annually in Seattle and Chicago each year, this is for PARENTS of children impacted by adoption, foster care, other special needs, and trauma. Conference is followed by closed-community Facebook groups and other resources. If you attend only one support networking opportunity this year, make it this one.

A Mother on the Road Less Traveled. My current blog, where I host resources like the “40DayChallenge” to give your marriage a “faith lift,” or “30 Days to Destress Your Life.” Additional resources and web pages for adoptive and foster parents can be located on a page there. (

Catholic Foster/Adoptive Parent Support. This is a private Facebook group where you can go to vent or to get suggestions or simple prayer support.

Indiana Residents who need Transitional Resources. Contact the Arc of Indiana:  Or the Logan Center:

Adoptive Parent Blogs and Resources

Autistic Families

(From Linda Johnson at

National Autism Center: Autism Resources for Families

Sesame Street and Autism: Sesame Street Autism Resources for Parents

RetailMeNot: Reduce the Noise: Help Loved Ones with Sensory Overload Enjoy Shopping

HomeCity Real Estate: Creating a Home Where Your Child Can Thrive with a Disability Offers ideas for kids with various kinds of disabilities. Here is some moving advice as well! Moving with Special Needs Kids

Tips for teaching children and adults with autism: Temple Grandin’s Teaching Tips

CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)CDC Autism Links and Resources

Need information about trusts? Estate Planning for Parents of Special Needs Kids

For Military Families: Operation Autism for Military Families

Foster Parent Blogs

Infertility and Miscarriage

Special Needs Parenting

Special Needs Teens and Young Adults

(From Jennifer McGregor)

Disability Accommodation Cost Guides

Thriving in Trade School with a Disability

Discrimination And Addiction: How To Overcome Prejudice WIthout Relying On Drugs Or Alcohol

Accessibility and Employment: What People with Disabilities Need to Know

Wheelchair and Handicap Ramp Cost Guide

Dating When Blind or Visually Impaired — From Single and Ready to Mingle to Off the Market

Disaster Safety for People with Disabilities: What to Do When Emergency Weather Strikes

Social skills for adolescents and adults with autism



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