Weird Mom Stories: Writer’s Contest

Today I noticed that one of the “hits” on this site came from someone who was looking for “wierd mom stories” (sic).

OK … why not? We could all use a giggle. So … this month’s EMN Carnival is dedicated to “weird mom stories.” You could send in …

*  Most embarrassing “mommy moment” (or most embarrassing thing we’ve subjected our own children to)

*  Most compelling evidence of the “things we do for love” for our kids (pictures earn extra points)

*  Strangest love offering from your kids (hey, they must get it somewhere)

*  Things you never thought you’d say to your kids (but did anyway)

*  Weird things YOUR mom (or other mom you admire) did, that now you see the wisdom of.

All submissions received by SEPTEMBER 20 will be eligible for a drawing, to be held Sept 25. Winner receives $25 CASH MONEY!!! (I’ll double it if I find you have the EMN logo on your blog.)

Other details: 

*  500 words or less
*  G rated
*  All entries must be received by midnight on September 20, 2008 to qualify for the drawing, which will take place on September 25.
*  Winner receives $25 cash — prize doubles if your blog (or the blog in which your post appears) has the EMN button.
*  All links will be posted in the Oct 1 Carnival … winner will be announced at the Carnival. (Except for my newsletter readers, who will find out as soon as I pull the name!)
*  Submit a link here: or directly at
*  Entries must be in the form of a BLOG or WEBSITE LINK (no e-mail entries, please). Please include your name (handles OK), blog name and URL (e.g. “, post name and post URL.
 *  EMN retains non-exclusive rights to all entries.

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Happy writing!

(Photo credit: Thanks to “Tha Love DaSpencer”)