Wee Cook Wednesday: Clove Broth Soup (Thanks, Healthy Mama!)

garlic clovesMoms aren’t supposed to get sick. It’s in the manual, just look under “Acts of God and Other Inconceivables.” But once in a while, it happens:  Someone comes to you in the middle of the night and hits you between the eyes with a blivet, sending chills coursing through the body and leaving you aching from stem to stern.

My hair hurts. *Whimper.*

My dear husband dropped off the kids and picked up the cookies I was supposed to have baked today for “Young Authors” tonight. Also some hotdogs and buns so he could cook tonight the way God intended men to cook: over open flame.

Me, I”m trying to figure out what will slide down my sandpaper throat. Time for some soup!  I found this recipe over at “Healthy Mama’s Kitchen” for her Clove Broth Soup. Sounds like a winner . . . don’t you think?