“Are You Raising a Narcissist?” Favorite Post at Scribbit

Michelle at Scribbit posted this thought-provoking article that I wanted to share here. Head on over and check it out!

I confess I went ahead and took the “Narcissist” test. To my relief, I fell in the “normal” range, though my “authority” score seemed a tad high for my own good. Hmmm … Made me wonder why I so often have difficulty getting my kids to follow where I’m leading!

Ah, the dilemmas of parenthood.


Wee Cook Friday: Apple Brie Bread with Almonds (Scribbit)

This is a reprise of an article I ran last year, linked to Michelle’s yummy recipe for Apple Brie Bread with Almonds. The perfect simple Lenten meal, paired with a salad! (The cookbooks are still available, if you’d like one!)

cover image002Michelle at Scribbit had her recipe for Apple Brie Bread with Almonds posted at her site the other day, and it looked like the perfect combination of savory and sweet for those holiday party nibblers. She’s such a fantastic cook, I’m glad she lives in Alaska, or I’d be peeking over her fence every other day for an invitation to tea!

Last weekend I finished compiling the first “South Arbor Family Recipes” book. They’re $10 each, and have a special section inside where you can put a few of your own recipes to personalize it for Christmas gifts. If you’d like a copy, just send me a check!  (I have my husband creating a website where you can order through PayPal right now …).

Need my address? Drop me an email.

Prayer for Dear Departed Who Find Themselves . . . in Purgatory, After All

charlieLast week Michelle at Scribbit posted this extraordinary post about 10 truly unusual deaths in history.

Today we remember those we love, who have gone before us in death. Grandparents, and in some cases parents. Old friends. Even children — including those who never saw the light of day.

For the Christian, the pain of separation from our loved ones in death is very real . . . and yet, we also know it is only temporary. Confident in the love and mercy of God, we can entrust the souls of our loved ones into His almighty hands, knowing that he loves them even more perfectly than we can. And, if it please him, we will all be together one day again.

Today I offer this prayer for those who never expected to find themselves in purgatory . . . and whose loved ones do not believe in the necessity of a final purgation for those destined to see God face to face. I wrote this prayer shortly after the death of my dear friend, evangelical pastor Charlie Shedd, with whom I worked on several projects when I was an editor for Servant Publications. Oh, how I miss him!

God alone knows the mysteries of life and death; He alone holds these things in His hands. Still, He commands us to pray for one another – brother and sister branches in the one true Vine. Charlie, if you’re still on the way, this one’s for you . . . If not, please pray for me!

Heavenly Father,
we offer up to you our heartfelt intentions,
united with the merits of Your precious Son,
whose death ransoms and restores
every soul who calls upon Your name.

We seek Your mercy,
not only for ourselves but also for those
wandering in darkness, mystified and alone.
Send Your angels to guide them through
the water and the fire, till every blemish fades.

And when we meet again,
may we rejoice eternally not because we were right,
but because You are righteous. And may we adore You
not because we escaped the fires of hell,
but because You are the true and lasting light.

Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
especially those who did not believe in life
that they would need our prayers in death.

Dear Jesus, be with those we love.
Especially those imperfect souls we loved best
while they were with us.

(c) 2006 Heidi Hess Saxton

Wee Cook Wednesday: Apple Bread Pudding@ Scribbit

apple dumpling

Did you go apple picking this weekend? We did … I’m up to my neck in Granny Smiths. Much to my family’s delight! (They suck up the peels like the ticket-taker at Chuck-E-Cheese. Delightful.)

Today head on over to Scribbit, where Michelle has a delectable recipe for … drum roll, please …

Caramel Apple Bread Pudding!

Need I say more? No? I thought not. Enjoy!

Wee Cook Wednesday: Chicken Cordon Bleu (and Lemon Tarts)

chicken cordon bleuThe other day Michelle at Scribbit posted the mouth-watering yet super-easy recipe for chicken cordon bleu that won her husband’s heart.

For me, it was lemon tarts. Into little tart shells you spoon a mixture of  lemon curd (1 jar — available at most grocery stores) whipped with about 2 cups of creme fraiche (in the dairy section, or you can make your own). Add a dab of REAL whipped cream and top with a pinch of lemon zest or a twist of lemon peel . . . and chill.

The first time I offered Craig one of these, he promptly ate three, then asked me out on our first date. Yeah, they’re that good!