Marriage and the Single Mom: Now @ Mommy Monsters!

peek-babyCome on over to “Mommy Monsters” for an article I posted there today: “Marriage and the Single Mom: Some Thoughts.”

Today I’d like to offer a prayer for single moms everywhere … Those who are raising children on their own, temporarily or permanently. Military moms. Adoptive and foster moms. Divorced and separated moms. Never-married mothers who are doing their best, one day at a time.

I’d especially like to request prayers for my sister, Jennifer, who is divorcing her husband. Pray that God will provide for her needs, and the needs of her children. You might toss up a prayer for Jerry, too … Frankly, I have a hard time doing that without feeling like a total hypocrite, but you don’t know the twit, so you feel free. (Throw in one for me, too.)

Heavenly Father, bless single parents everywhere.
Those who are content, and those who are scared.
Those who are struggling, and those who feel secure.
Those who need a tangible, practical reminder
That you love them, and have called them
To imitate You in selfless, boundless love,
And to lead their children to heaven,
one prayer at a time.

Mary, Queen of Saints, pray for us.
St. Joseph, patron of families, pray for us.
St. Jude, patron of the hopeless, pray for us.


Spiritual Fitness: Setting the Pace

Today, the feast day of my favorite saint Teresa of Avila, I got a letter from Joanna Davis, a grad student and SPO missionary from my church. Joanna is living and working with a group of college students to help them grow strong in the faith. Although she is not married and has no children, in a sense she too is an “Extraordinary Mom,” for she is using her spiritual gifts to raise up spiritual children.

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Taking the Hooligans to Mass: Guest Post by Sarah (a.k.a. “MightyMom”)

In lieu of an actual Carnival this month, I’d like to introduce you to Sarah, a.k.a. “MightyMom,” who blogs over at “My Wonderful Life.” A mom with three children, two with special needs, she never seems to lose her perspective … or sense of humor. Enjoy!

It’s quite the adventure.  Let me tell you about it.  But first, a few introductions. 

I’m MightyMom, a Pediatric Nurse, a teething ring, a wife, a jungle gym, a mother, a burro, and I was a lifelong Methodist until 3 months ago when I discovered that the Methodist church is actively pro-choice on a national level.  Since then I have taken the kids to Catholic Mass with Subvet (my other half).  I am anxiously awaiting the beginning of RCIA classes Sept 16th.  My kids are Sonshine (almost 5), Gator-boy (3 1/2) and Sugars (18 months).  All 3 of them have developmental delays.  Speech, socialization, physical, sensory integration (kinda like mild autism).

Our church is one great big echo chamber.  I’m telling you, the squeaking of my shoes echoes in there!  And I ain’t joking when I say BIG.  There are always 1,000+ worshipers at the 10AM Sunday Mass, with average weekend attendance totaling around 3,000.  Due to sleep schedules (I work nights and the kids nap) we go to the 10AM Mass … the one where if you don’t get there early enough, you’re gonna be standing in the aisles. 

We always make sure to get there early … we need to be up close so the kids can see what’s happening.  This helps them stay focused and attentive (more or less).  So all in all we get to church about 30 minutes early.  Which is just about the time that the Family Rosary starts up.

Now, I spent 3 months trying to teach Sonshine to speak when he was almost 2 and only had 4 words.  And each time we go to Mass, I remind myself every 6.7 seconds – from the opening of the church doors until we pull back into our driveway – of those three months of prayer and struggle.

So, would you like to join us on a trip to Mass??  Continue reading

School Daze… a Prayer for Parents

School starts next week.

The beginning of the school year is always a little nerve-wracking at our house. Will Sarah cooperate in her new learning environment? Will Christopher be able to concentrate and work independently?

A few questions nag at me as well. Will I “fit in” with the other parents? Can I find something to do that will be truly useful to the teacher without throwing out my back or spending more time at the school than my children do?  Will one or both kids wind up in a “peanut-free” zone and force me to find 52 ways to fill a lunchbox without resorting to peanut butter?

Of course I can. I think I can … Well, let’s hope so. Continue reading