Urgent Prayer Request: Autistic Child Missing

Please join me in prayers for the safe return of Mary Ellen’s autistic son, Ryan Barrett, who was separated from his father during a camping trip.

Let your mercy be on this family, O God, as they place their trust in you!

Update: Ryan’s body was found earlier today (Friday). Please pray for Mary Ellen and her entire family as they grieve the loss of their teenage son.


Prayer Request from Cheryl Dickow, Bezelel Books

One of our Bezalel authors has asked for prayers Deacon Pat Hayes, author of Top Ten Ways to Build a Wonderful Marriage, has had both a career and health setback. Deacon lost his job about the same time he was told he had a form of bone cancer. Although told this was a treatable form of the illness, along with his job loss, you can imagine what Deacon is going through and how necessary your prayers are for him and his family at this point in time. Deacon has been a blessing to me, helping me write an article for TCW as well as just being a blessed cyber-friend. Please raise up Deacon Pat in your prayers today and keep him and his family on your prayer list.

EMN Mailbag: Foster Mom Prayer Request

Hello Heidi,
I came across the EMN as I have been aimlessly wandering around the web in need of prayers.  Please add me and my children to your prayers-this family is in crisis  and the outcome  could be devistating for all of my children -bio and foster.  We have suffered an incredable amount of grief and loss over the last few months.  I do try to understand that suffering and sacrifice are the very moments you must rely on yor faith-but I feel like we have not even been able to come up for air.  Please pray for this family to overcome our pain and return to our peaceful and loving place.


Dear Buttercup:  Thanks for writing. The beautiful thing about the Body of Christ is that when we feel too weak to hold on … there are always others surrounding us (visible and invisible members of the family), holding us up before the throne of grace. God has not forgotten you. And we won’t either!

I’ve added your name to the monthly prayer list. Please write back again and let me know how you are doing. For now, please accept this prayer:

Heavenly Father, you know every bump in the road. You know how our feet ache, our hands shake, our minds churn, and our hearts break. Please be with my friend today, and give her a sign of your forever love. In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen!

Pray for Mulderink family

Today I received the following from Cheryl Dickow (Bezalel Books) about a mutual friend, Kathryn Mulderink. Please pray for grace on this family:

On their way up from Chicago this morning, my sister and her 4 children were in a serious accident. My sister, Anne Lorang, is in the ICU in Benton Harbor with closed head trauma. My 17 year old niece, Aimee, was killed. The other children (who are like my own!) are staying with us for now, while her husband, Tom, remains with Anne.

My sister is not yet coherent enough to communicate, so she still does not know that her daughter did not survive. My own children are struggling very much with this news. I ask your prayers for our family during this very difficult time.

Holy Mary, Mother of God,
Pray for us, now and at the hour of death.

Young Mother Needs Miracle: Please Pray

Today Lorraine Hartsook sent me this message about a young mother in need of a Christmas miracle. Please join me in praying for her.

My daughter has a classmate in Dental Hygiene who is around 30, and was  diagnosed with a brain tumor this past June. As of today this tumor is inoperable but there is one chance of a referral to a special lazer treatment in Winnipeg, Manitoba that may help prolong her life by shrinking this tumor, but she must qualify. (I’m not sure what this means)

She is married, her husbands name is Brian and she has three children Nolan, Jada, Blake (ages 2-6years old). Her application has been made for this special treatment as of yesterday, and all of her classmates are having a prayer meeting tommorrow to pray for this miracle.

My daughter called and asked if I would please have others join us in this miracle for Christmas.
God Bless,
Lorraine Hartsook

Lord Jesus, You came to earth to bring Your healing touch to our poor, sick souls. Watch over this young woman now, and her family.  Guide her doctors to make the right decision … In this moment, give her the gift of life. In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen!