Mighty Mom Monday: “Eek! Mom, Not the Eyebrows!”

Happy Monday!  Every Monday is a happy Monday at EMN … thanks to Sarah (A.K.A. “Mighty Mom.”) Check out her blog at “My Wonderful Life”

No MOM!!! Not my EYEBROWS!!

So, Subvet was gone providing parkinglot security for the Saturday night Mass and as per the instructions he left, I fed the hooligans&hooliganette pizza for supper.

Now, the boys performed their usual magic trick flawlessly, not a bit of pizza left to be found after 2.4 seconds.

Sugars’ pizza, however, put up a fight. Apparently it did NOT want to be disappeared and, from the looks of things, fought tooth and nail against such treatment.

Once I pronounced the fight over. There was pizza sauce from stem to stern on that girl. Which left her with a slightly orange/yellow skin tone.

So, Mightymom takes rag in hand and proceeds to start at the bottom and work my way up.

My kids have long since decided that my name stands for Mean Old Mommy…especially when it comes to cleanup time. I mean to tell you I CLEAN the kids! I get between the toes….between the fingers….between all 4 chins….and yes, even between the eyes!!

So here I am scrubbing away trying to get all that orangeness/yellowness off of her. I’m scrubbing and scrubbing…she’s screaming for Child Protective Services to save her…or at least for Daddy to come home! and I finally have all the yelloworange stuff gone…except her eyebrows. I just can’t get them to come clean. No matter WHAT I do they still look a bit yellow-y.

As I sit and ponder what I can use that’ll get her clean and not require a full bath it dawns on me…..

Her eyebrows are SUPPOSED TO BE YELLOW!!!

Uh, oops.

Sorry, babe.


Mighty Mom’s Silly Slimmers

OK, folks, let’s face it. As we get older we get wider.

I don’t know why that happens, but it does.

After 3 kids, a combined total of 19 weeks on bedrest, and 2 cesarean sections I got quite a bit wider. “Broad in the beam,” you might say.

Yet, when on earth am I supposed to exercise?? I mean REALLY!!?? I had 3 kids under the age of 3 1/2. Sheesh.

So, I started doing some very silly little things that would increase how often I used certain muscles throughout the day. Continue reading

Mighty Mom Monday: “Potty Training 101-102”

This classic post is from “My Wonderful Life” . For those who just can’t get enough, here’s installment #3!(June 2007). Thanks, Sarah!

OK, here we are halfway through the summer. I had 2 goals for this summer back in May.

1) Get Alligator’s fingers OUT OF THAT MOUTH.

2) Potty train Sonshine.

Apparently, God laughed and laughed when I told Him these goals. I’ve given up on Gator-Boy for now. He started cutting those 2-year molars and, to tell the truth, it just wasn’t worth the fight.

Sonshine, however, I am working with. So far he’s decided he wants to spend every waking moment in the bathroom, flushing the toilet. I was emailed a video once about a guy’s cat who kept flushing the toilet. At the time I wondered just how huge his water bill must be. Now I know. The thing is, not only does Sonshine keep flushing it, but so does Alligator.

Last night I was on the phone for 15 min. Sonshine was asleep on the couch (it was past bedtime). Alligator-boy spent the ENTIRE 15 minutes running from the chair, where he giggled at the cat (who was non-plussed to say the least) to the bathroom, where he flushed the toilet.

I’ve tried and tried to teach them to at least wait till the potty stops making noise before flushing again. But they seem to think this is child abuse. So, here’s my question to you. We have childproof locks for EVERYTHING. There’s one to keep toilet lids shut, there’s one to keep the toilet paper from being unrolled. There’s one to keep toys out of VCRs. There are even little clips to keep shoes tied. How do you keep the kid from just flushing the toilet over and over and over?

Fortunately (or not), neither of them have mastered peeing in the potty yet … so we haven’t discovered we can flush stuff down the toilet. Once that happens I’m afraid it’ll all be over, the battle lost. I might as well just put a pillow in the bathroom and move in.

And what would you call a contraption that prevents multiple flushings anyway … a Single Shot Potty?? Get a Handle on your Toilet Handle?? One Flush at a Time?? The One Flush Wonder??

Potty Training: The Prequel

Well, it’s been a rough week. So I decided I needed to laugh, and y’all can laugh with me.

So, we’re trying to potty train Sonshine. This is proving more difficult than we expected. In order to help him get the idea of what it is that I want him to do, I’ve asked Subvet to take Sonshine with him when he needs to pee. Show him how big boys do it … all that.

Well, Subvet is a little shy about this sort of thing but sportingly agreed.

So, the time came … and Dad and Son went into the bathroom for the first time to see what it’s all about. I’m in the living room listening to the following conversation. (All from Subvet.)

“Come on, let’s go tee tee like a big boy … Geez, this is embarrassing ….
Yeah, Daddy’s a big boy …  This is how big boys put tee tee in the potty.
(I can’t believe I’m doing this) …

“Yeah, Daddy’s tee tee … HEY, DON’T DO THAT!!! GET YOUR HANDS OUT OF THERE!! Come and wash your hands.”

Apparently Sonshine had decided to “play in Daddy’s fountain.” Daddy was NOT amused.


Mighty Mom Monday: A Day in My Life

Today for “Mighty Mom Monday” we’re going to send you over to Sarah’s  site, aptly called “My Wonderful Life.”

This post, written almost one year ago today, is an important reminder of how much things can change in a very short time! (Something that can be a tremendous source of encouragement when life gets hard.)

A week or so after I (Heidi) got our kids, I jotted down my own “classic post” called “Day in the Life of a Foster Mom.” Reading it again, I laugh. At the time, it was all I could do not to cry. (You’ve been there too, I’m sure.)

Keep your chin up … it makes the prayers that much closer to heaven!


Mighty Mom Monday: “You Might Be A Mommy…”

Mighty Mom (with a nod to Jeff Foxworthy) would like to encourage you today with this tribute to Extraordinary Moms everywhere. Sometimes knowing you’ve got company in the ol’ boat makes it that much easier to pull. Thanks, Sarah!

If you have to make an intentional effort to take a shower at least every 48 hours … you MIGHT be a Mommy.

If you go out for a dinner alone with your husband, hear a kid scream and have to look over just to make sure it isn’t one of yours … you MIGHT be a Mommy.
If you no longer put “laundry” on your to-do list because by the time you get it folded, the hamper is full again … you MIGHT be a Mommy.

If you’ve ever been so tired you turn off the hot water in your attempt to warm up the shower … you MIGHT be a Mommy.

If you’ve ever written your shopping list in crayon … you MIGHT be a Mommy.

If you’ve worked hard to change all your swear words to repeatable phrases such as “God Bless America!” … you MIGHT be a Mommy.

If this is your idea of multi-tasking …
Yes, you MIGHT be a Mommy. And one more …
If you can come up with more than two potential reasons for a child’s “emergency bath” … you MIGHT be a Mommy. AND …
(This one’s for my wonderful husband:)

If you’ve ever been awakened from much-needed sleep by the sounds of an emergency bath…you MIGHT be a Daddy!

Mighty Mom Monday: “10 Special Blessings”

When a family finds out that one of its members has special needs, it can be easy to panic. Some couples even go so far as to contemplate abortion when they find out they are carrying a Down Syndrome or other special needs child (or, worse, go through with that terrible choice).
In today’s guest post, contributing writer “Mighty Mom” shares ten ways that she and her husband have benefitted from their special needs kids (SNKs). 
10)  They make me laugh. – It’s true, every day.  for example.  My oldest has a speech delay (among other things).  One day out of the blue he started walking around saying “I’m sauced Momma!  YEEESS MOMMA!!  I’m sauced!!”  (we’re teetotalers too!)  It took me about 2 weeks to figure out he was repeating me saying “I’m exhausted!”  ~~  we still say we’re “sauced” around here!
9)  They give me the priviledge to witness miracles.  My pregnancies and deliveries were hard and dangerous.  I know just how lucky we are to have living, thriving children.  Each of these babies is a miracle.  How fortunate I am that God has allowed me to watch grow 3 of His Perfect Miracles.
8)  I always wanted to be a cheerleader.  But never went out for the team.  Now I am able to be a cheerleader every day..while wearing the much more comfortable uniform of JAMMIES!  The most often repeated phrase in my house is “You can do it!  Try again!  You can do it!”  Maybe I should invest in pompoms!
7)  They bring me closer to God, daily.  One of the blessings of parenting SNKs (Special Needs Kids) is that you slowly learn that you have no control over their development.  You have no control over their potential, we don’t even know what their potential is!  I have no plans for my children’s future, as I have no idea what that future may look like.   But see, this is how it’s SUPPOSED to be.  We’re told NOT to plan for the future, just to trust that God will supply our needs.  Learning to let that go is a painful but wonderful blessing.
6)  I am never bored!  About the time I think “This is alright, I’ve got this down…”  something new comes up.  A new experience, a new developmental hurdle, a new attitude, a new behavior “issue”, a new topic of conversation to get repeated over and over again….life is an adventure; my adventure is exciting.
5)  I’ve learned to rejoice over every little thing.   I appreciate each and every milestone that my kids reach, even something as “minor” as saying “ready…set..” and having the kid say “GO!”  will bring tears of joy to my eyes.  And this carries over into my whole life.  The adult surgery patients I take care of think I’m strange when I do a victory dance over their first post-op poop.  But to me, now, every triumph deserves a victory dance, take NOTHING for granted! 
4)   Raising SNKs inspires creativity.  I’ve carried weighted backpacks to church because it helped with my middle child’s sensory integration problems,  I bought a bounce house to help with my oldest’s low muscle tone, I’ve put tape on the living room floor to make a track for my oldest to work on physical therapy goals while playing “follow the leader” …(Mom was the leader), I created  “Mama’s Special Sauce” out of nothing but vegetables, then substituted it for ketchup when the middle kid refused to eat even the most hidden vegetable,  (yes, it worked, we used it for almost a year before starting to once again force the veggies).  I’ve been told I “think outside of the box”.  My response to this is “where’s the box??  Did your kids come in a box??”
3)  These kids have given me many opportunities to teach.  Because my kids “look normal”  most people don’t understand their needs.  No, baby girl isn’t saying “mama” at 18 months…nor is she walking.  No, middle child can’t tell you his name.  No, oldest isn’t going to look you in the eye and answer your question…he’s just gonna repeat your question back to you.  But.  the boys are both in regular classes in Pre-school.  That middle child at 3 1/2 can not only count to 12, and tell you the alphabet, he can identify all the numerals and letters, as well as most shapes.  My oldest can remember every word to every video and every song that he’s ever heard.  He understands things (like Jesus’ booboos) that have never been told or explained to him.  He knows where we’re heading by which streets we take, and if we pass an exit we normally take, he knows where we are and what is down that exit.  These are the things I find myself teaching to others.  And I teach a lot, so that others will understand and will not jump to conclusions the next time they come across a SNK.
2)  My kids have blessed me with muscle tone and endurance.  My middle child’s online nickname is Gator-boy, or Alligator.  He came by this name when he was about a year old.  He didn’t like being held, (sensory integration issues) always wanted to be on the go.  When he decided it was time to get down out of Mama’s lap he would squirm until he was laying sideways across my lap….then start rolling around in place to loosen my grip.  Have you ever seen the shows about Alligator Wrestlers?  or Crocodile Hunters??  That’s exactly what he looks like. Yes, he still tries it…but it doesn’t work– in case you ever need to know, the secret is to pin the shoulders and hips…then they can’t roll over.  You do this by putting one arm between their legs and the other across one shoulder, under the head.  Then you hold your hands together at their belly and pull the kiddo in to your trunk.   one…two…three….YOU WIN!
1)  The number 1 reason why I feel blessed to have these children is that they have strengthened my character.  Every parent’s worst fear is that “something” will be “wrong” with their child.  For most parents this is nothing more than a fear that passes away as the child grows.  For those of us with SNKs  that fear is a reality.  It does something to a person when they face their worst fear, then live through it.  Your whole perspective on life changes.  I used to be upset by little things, now, it’s much harder to get me discombobulated.  I mean.  I’m raising (with my wonderful husband) Three Special Needs Kids.  All the other upsets in life pale in comparison.  I am a better person for knowing these kids, and I am blessed, truly blessed,  that God saw fit to name me as their mother.  For that blessing, I am eternally grateful.
Do you have a list of your own? Please send it to hsaxton(at)christianword(dot)com!