Mighty Mom Monday: Crawfish Confessions

Here we are, celebrating Thanksgiving with the grandparents.  Each kiddo has a small helping of  meat, veggies, green bean casserole and crawfish dressing on their plate.
I keep trying to encourage the Gator-boy (age 3 1/2)  to try his food. 
He’ll eat all the meat but nothing else!
I point out that crawfish is meat…..”NO!”
Wanna try some off Momma’s fork?….”NO!”
I’m gonna steal it if you don’t eat it….mmmm mmm…so good….here, you wanna bite?  … “NO!”
OK, fine, I give up. Eat the meat, leave the rest, at least you’re quiet and happy and not starting a food fight in Mimi’s formal dining room.
Then I get caught up cutting meat for Sonshine……
That’s when I hear it.  “Crawfish!…giggle”
I turn around to see that Grandad is helping Gatorboy search for, find and EAT all the crawfish out of his dressing.  Grandparents have magic 🙂
I may have to change my name.  
Nolongermighty Mom.

Mighty Mom Monday: Happy Trails…. and Happy Epiphany

wisemenAs we head resolutely into the New Year, tromping across the days like the Wise Men who traversed the desert in search of the Infant King, I’d like to take a moment to thank Sarah (A.K.A. “Mighty Mom”) for all her hard work this past year, bringing glimpses of humor and revelry to our lives. Unfortunately Sarah will be unable to continue her regular column here in 2009 … So please join me in thanking her for a job well done!  And if you’d like to see what Sunshine and company are up to this week, be sure to head on over to Sarah’s blog.

I’m writing this a bit ahead of schedule — Dec 30. Last night Sarah wanted to know if Christmas vacation was over yet. “No, we have another week together!” I told her.

Another week to wake up to three small bodies bouncing on the bed (the furry one lounged across my face), chanting, “Can we watch cartoons and eat HONEY NUTS?!” (Oh, sure. Just what you need. More sugar and stimulation.)

Another week to step on the collective refuse of half a dozen art kits, four new family games, and assorted squeeky toys as I stumble toward the teapot.

Another week of four eyeballs cast longingly toward the blank television screen (by some act of God, our two television sets BOTH gave up the ghost this past weekend), wondering aloud when they would get to watch Tom and Jerry. Ever. Again.

Another week to get the cards in the mail that were ready to post (well, most of them) well before Christmas but somehow got lost in the present wrapping bag. 

One more week of Sarah digging deep into the recesses of the makeup kit her auntie gave her and emerging from her room clad in seven strategically draped scarves and a trowel full of rainbow colors smeared across her fresh little face.

One more week of finding Christopher sequestered in his room, snatching moments of sheer electronic bliss with his brand new Pokemon DS (thanks to the same aunt who supplied the makeup kit).

One more week to consume the six dozen Christmas cookies still left from Advent. (Note to self: Either get more generous with the gift boxes, or cut baking sessions in half.)

One more week to pray for good weather, so that NEXT week we don’t get snowed in, too. Please, Lord, let the “holiday party” proceed as planned — a mere 2-1/2 weeks after the original event.

Happy Epiphany to you and yours!