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This weekend we welcomed a new member to the family … a six-week-old Australian Shepherd Christopher named Maddy. (This is the picture that induced Craig and Chris to drive halfway across the state to get her!)

Like all babies, Maddy is both a lot of work and a lot of fun. Her blue eyes will turn one day, we’re told. The biggest challenge is persuading her to piddle in the snow at 3 a.m. (I can hardly blame her; I wouldn’t want to plant my delicates in the frost, either.)

At 5 a.m., when I get up with her again, I sometimes encourage the process along a bit with a little song sung a tune from “The Music Man.” (Remember the “Pick-a-little, talk-a-little” number that is sung with “Good Night Ladies?) In case you ever find yourself walking the floor in the wee hours with a puppy, I thought I’d share it with you here:

First the slow part (Good night ladies)

“Good-night, Maddy. Good-night, Maddy.
Good-night Maddy. It’s time to go to SLEEP!”

(Now the fast “Pick-a-little” part):

“Eat a little, poop a little, eat a little, poop a little,
SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP, poop a lot, eat a little more.
Eat a little, poop a little, eat a little, poop a little,
SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP, eat a lot, poop a little more.
Eat a little, poop a little, eat a little, poop a little,
SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP, poop a lot, eat a little more.
Eat a little, poop a little, eat a little, poop a little,
Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep,

“Good-night Maddy…” (repeat).

Okay, I’ll admit it’s a lot funnier at 3 a.m. … I imagine it would work with insomniac babies, too!

Oh… If you’re still reading this, be sure to tune in to Al Kresta’s show today at 3:00 … Yours truly will be in the studio, talking about EMN!

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From Sarah’s mail-bag this week…. Thanks, Mighty Mom!


Note: Mommy actually works at Home Depot,

and is selling a shovel.   

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Happy Monday!  Every Monday is a happy Monday at EMN … thanks to Sarah (A.K.A. “Mighty Mom.”) Check out her blog at “My Wonderful Life”

No MOM!!! Not my EYEBROWS!!

So, Subvet was gone providing parkinglot security for the Saturday night Mass and as per the instructions he left, I fed the hooligans&hooliganette pizza for supper.

Now, the boys performed their usual magic trick flawlessly, not a bit of pizza left to be found after 2.4 seconds.

Sugars’ pizza, however, put up a fight. Apparently it did NOT want to be disappeared and, from the looks of things, fought tooth and nail against such treatment.

Once I pronounced the fight over. There was pizza sauce from stem to stern on that girl. Which left her with a slightly orange/yellow skin tone.

So, Mightymom takes rag in hand and proceeds to start at the bottom and work my way up.

My kids have long since decided that my name stands for Mean Old Mommy…especially when it comes to cleanup time. I mean to tell you I CLEAN the kids! I get between the toes….between the fingers….between all 4 chins….and yes, even between the eyes!!

So here I am scrubbing away trying to get all that orangeness/yellowness off of her. I’m scrubbing and scrubbing…she’s screaming for Child Protective Services to save her…or at least for Daddy to come home! and I finally have all the yelloworange stuff gone…except her eyebrows. I just can’t get them to come clean. No matter WHAT I do they still look a bit yellow-y.

As I sit and ponder what I can use that’ll get her clean and not require a full bath it dawns on me…..

Her eyebrows are SUPPOSED TO BE YELLOW!!!

Uh, oops.

Sorry, babe.

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If you’re in need of a little chuckle today, I’d like to direct you over to my book website, where my husband recently posted this ecumenical rib-tickler. (Note, the cartoon has several frames … you have to wait for it.)

Thanks, Deb Richardson, for sending it my way!

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