EMN: Come and Join the Carnival!

I’ve now figured out how to add links and blogrolls to the site (sorry, it took me a while to adjust to WordPress).

I’d like to officially kick off the “network” by having a Carnival … the “Extraordinary Moms Carnival,” that is! If you write regularly about one or more of these topics, please submit a post, and I’ll add you to the blogroll as a resource for that topic. (If you’d prefer to e-mail me the link directly, send it to hsaxton(at)christianword(dot)com.

To submit something for the first Carnival (to be held August 1), click here.

So far the EMN topics include:

*  Adoption and Foster-Adoption

*  International Adoption (put country in parenthesis)

*  Infertility and Miscarriage

*  Parenting Resources

*  Prayer and Spiritual Support

*  Special Needs (put type in parenthesis)