When Moms Fail

Today Catholic Exchange is running my article about the Utah woman who was sentenced to 15 years for killing her adopted son. Although not all adoptive mothers experience depression, there are many of us who have (or do). If you have a history of depression and are considering foster care or adoption, this article may be for you.


Depression and Bi-Polar Disorder: How to Cope

Today I’d like to talk about a different kind of Extraordinary Mom: Women who struggle with emotional or mental problems, who find it difficult to get through all they have to do each day … and who sometimes aren’t able to live up to their own high expectations.

Today at “Ask Sister Mary Martha,” sister fields a question from a reader who was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. In her great wisdom, sister turns to a Brother Martin, who is also a sufferer.

One line struck me as particularly relevant in the life of anyone who suffers from a chronic illness, especially depression:

Brother Martin said that all he can do is his best with what God has given him that day. Sometimes just getting out of bed and eating a bowl of soup is his best. Some days he paints the entire rectory and the gazebo.

He wanted you to know that it’s important not to be so hard on yourself when God doesn’t give you so much on some days. Just concentrate on what God has given you today, not what he’s going to give you, or not going to give you, tomorrow. And do your best with it, whatever it is.

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