Favorite Adoption/Foster Articles

Are you thinking about foster care or adoption, and wondering how it will affect your life? Do you just want to read some articles about other people who have done it … and survived?

Here are a few of the articles that you may appreciate!

“Should We Consider Adoption or Foster Care?”

“40 Reasons We’d Do It Again: Thoughts on Adoption”

“Mommy, Why Does She Look Weird?”

“Marriage and the Single Mom: Some Thoughts”

“Day in the Life of a Foster Mom”

“Little Good-byes: When Adoption Fails and Other Nightmares for Extraordinary Moms”  (This one is preceded by a poem I wrote entitled “Forever Families”

“Post-Adoptive Depression Syndrome (PADS): the Dark Side of Adoption”

“Prayer for Couples who Want to Adopt”