Can You Hear Me Now?

Today my DH sent me this link to faith-based cell phones. Believe it or not, Christianity trails behind Judaism, Islaam, and even Buddhism in producing faith-compatible electronics for the faithful. The “kosher phone,” which screens out pornographic numbers and charges according to whether the other party is also “kosher” — and ups the rate for calling on the Sabbath. The Muslim phone alerts the carrier to the times for prayer, and the direction of Mecca. The Buddhist phone has a “Budda jewel” that allows the adherent to access faith-based videos.

Teresa Tomeo at “Catholic Connection” (who will be hosting me on her program during the national hour tomorrow at 9:30; click on this link to listen live) so often educates us about how so much of the media affects believers in negative ways. I thought this was an inspiring example of how media can be used to help people of faith live out their lives with greater intentionality. A worthwhile endeavor, wouldn’t you say?

For you adoptive parents out there that need a warm fuzzy today … Here’s one from my friend Donna O’Boyle!