Interview today at "The Heart of Things" with Bill Donaghy

Today at 5:00 EST I’ll be talking with podcaster, blogger, and Catholic radio personality Bill Donaghy at “The Heart of Things” (800 A.M. “In His Sign Network”) Catch it on podcast — by clicking here or by clicking on Catholic International Radio. PLEASE NOTE: The link for CIR is not functional today, the 22nd, but should be up tomorrow and you can download the program at that time.

For more about Bill and his ministry, click here.


Chapters of our Lives

Speaking of capturing those family moments, Bryan Murdoch has posted this week’s Catholic Carnival … dedicated to his father, who died fifteen years ago. Go check it out!

Today over at “Connecting Moms,” you’ll find a familiar face in the “Featured Moms” channel. I was flattered … and delighted … when Sandy (one of the co-creators of CM and author of “Momisodes”) asked to interview me about Raising Up Mommy. They also posted a review here.

During the interview, her questions about the writing process got me to thinking about how our lives are very much like a book … so many chapters, so little time. The challenge …. and the secret … is learning to live in the present chapter. Right?

Anyway … if you’re not already familiar with the Connecting Moms network, why not check it out?

Thanks, Sandy!