Sweet-Smelling Tushies … and Other Small Miracles

I’d like to introduce you to Deborah Nicherson at Pipecleaner Dreams.  This single mother of four special needs kids became an overnight hero to one special needs family when she gave away a BidetSpa toilet seat on her contest at “Five Minutes for Special Needs.

Of course, in a very real way, Deborah was already a hero. At “Disaboom,” Karen Putz tells the story of Deborah’s battle with her daughter’s school  to give her daughter the year-round schooling she desperately needed.

What I loved most about the toilet set story is that it reminds us all of an important principle of special needs parenting: You gotta stick together. In this case, one special mom was able to meet a practical, deeply felt need of another special family — deeply aware of how the little things (like good hygiene) can make a difference between a child being accepted (or not) in the world.

If you have been blessed with special needs kids and ever feel the need for a little reinforcement, be sure to check out both “Disaboom” and “Five Minutes for Special Needs”!


Mighty Mom Monday: Just Say “No” to Mommy Guilt!

As is our custom here at EMN, today’s post is from the hilarious life experience of Sarah, A.K.A. “Mighty Mom.” Be sure to check out her blog at “My Wonderful Life.”

The number-one toughest thing about being a Mom is the colossal amount of GUILT that we carry.  I’m not talking about simple regret, about things that I just wish I’d done different … I’m talking about true, haunt-your-dreams, cry in your pillow guilt.

Now, friends.  Here’s my advice to you: Just Say NO to Mommy Guilt!

To help you gain perspective and win the battle, I’m gonna share with you things that I’ve felt guilty over.

  • I’ve agonized over the times I lifted my 2lb weights during pregnancy — and after I miscarried, sure that the exercise had somehow harmed my child.
  • Ditto the 2 Advil I broke down and took during the 8th month of pregnancy when my hips hurt so bad I couldn’t move or sleep.
  • I chastized myself for the gallons of chocolate milk I drank every morning I was pregnant … and over the last 6 months my 4-year-old has refused any kind of milk EXCEPT Chocolate Milk!!
  • I wept thinking of my 4-month-old breastfed baby, who CRIED FOR 20 MINUTES before my stepmother realized that the bottle I was trying to feed him needed to be warmer.
  • I obsessed over the fact that my son was forced to wear a short-sleeve shirt (the only spare in his backpack) after getting his long-sleeved shirt all wet … and he was COLD ON THE PLAYGROUND!!! (Though it was NOT cold enough for me to have sent him wearing a jacket).
  • In my battle with cradle cap, I scrubbed all my 1-month-old’s hair off.
  • Putting the baby to bed, I found the cat asleep in the crib … and I didn’t change the sheets!
  • I panicked when I found my kids watching movies (Berenstain Bears) that I HADN’T previewed!!
  • I have 3 kids, the oldest of which is almost 5. And yet, I’ve ONLY ever made 3 pair of shorts.  No other kids clothes! 
  • All 3 kids have had to wear those shorts so I can say they wore mommy-made clothes.

Now, folks, I hope you see how not a one of these things will amount to a hill of beansprouts in 5 years.  Not a one.  As a matter of fact.  When I think of how guilty I felt over every one of these (and many more) I just laugh.  I mean REALLY!!

So, the next time something happens and you feel that stomach-clenching-guilty feeling stop and ask yourself:

“Is anybody other than me gonna remember this in 5 years?”

No? Then stop the guilt train … It’s time to get off!

Come and Join the Carnival!

You have one more week to get your entries polished up for this month’s “EMN Carnival.”  If you didn’t read about it in my newsletter (if you want the newsletter, just drop me a line at hsaxton@christianword.com), I posted the announcement today at Mommy Monsters. Come and see!

Remember, the winner gets $25 plus (if you have the EMN button on your blog) a free copy of my book Let Nothing Trouble You.

Deadline is October 20 … Carnival posts November 1!

Mighty Mom’s Silly Slimmers

OK, folks, let’s face it. As we get older we get wider.

I don’t know why that happens, but it does.

After 3 kids, a combined total of 19 weeks on bedrest, and 2 cesarean sections I got quite a bit wider. “Broad in the beam,” you might say.

Yet, when on earth am I supposed to exercise?? I mean REALLY!!?? I had 3 kids under the age of 3 1/2. Sheesh.

So, I started doing some very silly little things that would increase how often I used certain muscles throughout the day. Continue reading

Weird Mom Moments: EMN Mini-Carnival

Congratulations to Kate Sherwin at “Rosemary Sauce.” Her entry, “Like Mother, Like Son” was this month’s winner of the “Weird Mom Moments” Carnival Contest! Kate won $50, since she had the EMN button prominently displayed on her site! Good work, Kate!

Every mom must have them at one time or another … the moments she looks down at herself and say, “What have I DONE to myself?!” I know I have, as my daughter reminded me only recently. “Don’t be weird, mom…”

I can’t help it. I was born and raised that way … by a woman who clearly did not mind appearing ridiculous for the benefit of her girls (and their respective Girl Scout/religious education/school friends). She would burst into song … loudly, though usually on key … with all sorts of ditties, like:

“I’m wild about horns on automobiles that go WAH_AH_AH_AH_AH_AH_AH (ooga, ooga)”

“John Jacob Jingerheimer Schmidt, his name is my name too. Whenever we go out, the people always shout, there goes John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA.”

“Oh, an Austrian went yodeling on the mountaintop high…” (and proceeded to tangle with a grizzly bear, St. Bernard, Jersey Cow, and pretty girl with the appropriate gestures and sound effects).

She’d do stuff, too … weird mom stuff. Like the day she took us on a Girl Scout Hike through High Point State Park to teach us trail-making … and we wound up 10 miles up the Appalacian Trail. Or the time she took us camping, and left the bubble gum in our tent; that night we watched the squirrels blowing bubbles as they jumped from tree to tree. Or the time, shortly after my sister had her leg operated on, she brought a hand puppet to stick on my sister’s foot, to give the doctors (and my sister) a good laugh when they pulled back the covers. Or the time our dog got in the house when she was putting the finishing touches on a wedding cake (she made wedding cakes as a sideline when we were little), and she was forced to “fix” the cake rather than make a new one. (I’ll spare you the gory details.)

Judging from how few entries that were submitted for this contest, I’d have to say that there are a lot of moms out there who don’t want to let on about all the weirdness that goes on in their houses. There were a galliant few, however … and my hat goes off to you, too!

“If you jump off that and breakyour leg, don’t come running to me!” Moms are famous for all sorts of homespun wisdom. Barb Szyszkiewicz of “SFO Mom” adds a few memorable zingers of her own in her contribution to the EMN Carnival,  “Things Parents Say (when they live at my house.”

And Sarah (A.K.A. my favorite humor blogger, “Mighty Mom”) adds to the weirdness with her own “Look Before You Touch!”

Thanks, ladies for participating!

Mighty Mom Monday: A Day in My Life

Today for “Mighty Mom Monday” we’re going to send you over to Sarah’s  site, aptly called “My Wonderful Life.”

This post, written almost one year ago today, is an important reminder of how much things can change in a very short time! (Something that can be a tremendous source of encouragement when life gets hard.)

A week or so after I (Heidi) got our kids, I jotted down my own “classic post” called “Day in the Life of a Foster Mom.” Reading it again, I laugh. At the time, it was all I could do not to cry. (You’ve been there too, I’m sure.)

Keep your chin up … it makes the prayers that much closer to heaven!


Weird Mom Stories: Writer’s Contest

Today I noticed that one of the “hits” on this site came from someone who was looking for “wierd mom stories” (sic).

OK … why not? We could all use a giggle. So … this month’s EMN Carnival is dedicated to “weird mom stories.” You could send in …

*  Most embarrassing “mommy moment” (or most embarrassing thing we’ve subjected our own children to)

*  Most compelling evidence of the “things we do for love” for our kids (pictures earn extra points)

*  Strangest love offering from your kids (hey, they must get it somewhere)

*  Things you never thought you’d say to your kids (but did anyway)

*  Weird things YOUR mom (or other mom you admire) did, that now you see the wisdom of.

All submissions received by SEPTEMBER 20 will be eligible for a drawing, to be held Sept 25. Winner receives $25 CASH MONEY!!! (I’ll double it if I find you have the EMN logo on your blog.)

Other details: 

*  500 words or less
*  G rated
*  All entries must be received by midnight on September 20, 2008 to qualify for the drawing, which will take place on September 25.
*  Winner receives $25 cash — prize doubles if your blog (or the blog in which your post appears) has the EMN button.
*  All links will be posted in the Oct 1 Carnival … winner will be announced at the Carnival. (Except for my newsletter readers, who will find out as soon as I pull the name!)
*  Submit a link here: http://blogcarnival.com/bc/cprof_5163.html or directly at hsaxton@christianword.com
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Happy writing!

(Photo credit: Thanks to “Tha Love DaSpencer”)