Mother of This Year

DSCF0569Today over at A Mother on the Road Less Traveled, I disclose a less-than-flattering side of motherhood. Just a few days before Mother’s Day, I’ve been thinking about what kind of mother I have become … this year.

I thought it better to do this BEFORE Mother’s Day, before the brunch mimosa clouds my brain. As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s hard not to give in to the expectation of flowers and candy and breakfasts in bed, and to agree with the general population that I deserve this kind of adulation.

The truth is, there is a lot of room for improvement. As you will see if you read the other blog post.

The good news is … there is still time. Every day is a fresh chance to love a little more selflessly, forgive a little more deliberately, and to ponder the very real (albeit painful) connection between who we are … and what we choose.

So this year, for Mother’s Day, I’d like to skip the white roses and dark chocolate (lovely as those things are). Instead I’d like to stock up on empathy, gentleness, and kindness. God knows my kids need them even more than I do. And while my DH can’t make a last-minute run to Walmart to stock up on these particular commodities, I’m hoping that my prayer will reach the right ears.

What do YOU want for Mother’s Day this year?


3 thoughts on “Mother of This Year

  1. I could not agree more. Too much pressure on recognizing the gift of love which at times finds it’s greatest expression in the many unrecognizable things that happen every day. In my experience, the happiest moments are the unexpected ones, not those that are planned out ahead. Happy Mother’s day should be every day. Happy Mother’s Day Heidi!


  2. Spot on. A heartfelt letter means more than a gift from a store. You can’t find a child’s love on the shelf at a store or order it from a website. It really is the thought that counts, and the love behind it.


  3. I agree! This year I sent s letter to my godmother, and she called me to thank me for remembering her that way. “No one does that anymore!” It made me feel good to know she liked it so much… and it underscored for me exactly what you are saying here. Happy Mother’s Day!


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