Mommy Choices

Guess who’s missing Mass today?  I blog about it over at Mommy Monsters today.  I’ll try to make the afternoon services, but realistically it may be difficult to get away. Sarah gets really clingy when she’s sick. Daddy just will not do.

A selfish part of me wishes Sarah had found a different time to be sick. Tomorrow I was supposed to attend training for substitute teachers. Tuesday was orientation to the PB Teacher’s Certification at Eastern. Wednesday and Thursday, Boosters Store during parent conferences. Friday morning I’m supposed to work at the school. Monday afternoon is religious education. Tuesday is Tutoring/Tae Kwon Do. And on and on and on.

No, not a good week to be sick. But then, life happens. Doesn’t it?

Every day, we get to make dozens of choices — and oftentimes, there isn’t one clear “good choice.” Only a myriad of “not-ideal, but workable” ones. The best you can do is hunker down and figure out how to get through the day.

When YOU have a day like that, remember:  You are not alone. And you are loved. Just do your best, and let the chips fall where they may. God has a surprise for you, even now.

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About hsaxton

Heidi Hess Saxton is an adoptive parent of two children, and converted to Catholicism in 1994. She is adoptive parent columnist at and She also writes for the Parenting Channel at In her spare time, she is finishing up her Master's thesis at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit.

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