Quote of the Day: Are We Keeping Kids “Too Safe”?

slacker mom“I’m sure some safety measures are good. I have no argument with car seats, for example. I do like to argue, though, and would argue that car seats will never approach the importance of driving defensively. I wish there were as much emphasis placed on avoiding accidents as there is on surviving them.

“But as you go down the scale from car seats, you could spend your whole life and your entire life savings account trying to make your environment perfectly safe for your children. And you wouldn’t succeed.

“Not only that, but you might be left with the false impression that, having done all you can, you are in control of their future and you can provide completely for their safety. That’s something so potentially dangerous that it even scares me. Because we’re not in total control. Our children have more control over their lives than we parents ever will.”

Muffy Mead-Ferro, “Confessions of a Slacker Mom”

I picked up this little paperback at my children’s school book fair today, and was instantly entranced. Raised on a cattle ranch in Wyoming, this savvy lady traded tractor for typewriter and presents an intriguing combination of old-fashioned horse sense and unflappable savior faire. And while she doesn’t seem to ground her parenting (or living) philosophies in organized religion, I found her outlook had a kind of moral centeredness and decency that one can’t take for granted in this day and age.

Her approach is not for everyone. She admits as much herself — and, to be honest, that’s rather the point. She extends the same “can-do” approach to her reader that she instills in her children. She doesn’t dispense advice as much as she shares her own realizations about the fact that the whole point of parenting . . . is to work ourselves out of a job.

An enjoyable, light read.


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