Quilts of Valor: Cover a Soldier in Thanks!


Do you like to quilt? “Mighty Mom” passed this link to “Quilts of Valor” on to me today … It’s a great way to honor our wounded war veterans for their sacrifice.

The founder of “Quilts of Valor,” Mr. Melvin Lee, a WWII USMC veteran, passed away November 17 of this year.

My oldest nephew, Ryan, will be deployed to Iraq next week. Please keep him in your prayers.  When my mother realized what a hard time Chris (Ryan’s mom) was having as his departure approached, she had Chris send her a dozen of Ryan’s t-shirts, and is piecing them into a mini-quilt to wrap around her when she’s missing him most.

When you pray for our soldiers, why not put in a good word for their families as well?

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Heidi Hess Saxton is an adoptive parent of two children, and converted to Catholicism in 1994. She is adoptive parent columnist at CatholicMom.com and CatholicExchange.com. She also writes for the Parenting Channel at AnnArbor.com. In her spare time, she is finishing up her Master's thesis at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit.

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